Thursday, July 25, 2024

Andretti-Cadillac announcement gets a cooler reception from F1 than FIA 2023 F1 season

Just three days after FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem announced he planned to invite new teams to enter Formula 1, Andretti and Cadillac went public with their plans to join the championship.

“On top of it, there is a value that has to be recognized for the teams that are already into the championship because of course they cannot allow any dilution of their financial partnership with the F1 championship. So this is what is written in the Concorde Agreement.

Report: F1 sees “no pressing need” to add 11th team as Andretti bids to join grid“But mainly the point is does eventually a new entry bring a better positional F1 championship? This is really about value, and in terms of value from the financial point of view and in terms of value from the sporting point of view and if I may on that it’s not a problem to do I think one more team to have better racing.

“Therefore we will see, we will monitor the situation. If there will be a real credible new entry team that wants to discuss with us, we are ready to discuss, but we are not in a rush position today for that.”

Two months on, the FIA has given Andretti the opportunity it was looking for. Now Andretti has lured a brand from one of the world’s biggest carmakers to join it, F1 will have a hard time arguing their proposed team would not enhance its championship.

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